Can film capacitors pass reflow soldering? What is the difference between wave soldering and reflow soldering?



Many people are confused about reflow soldering and wave soldering. Different electronic components have different soldering methods. Can film capacitors undergo reflow soldering?

Let’s first figure out what is reflow soldering?

Reflow soldering refers to the use of solder paste (a mixture of solder and flux) to connect one or more electronic components to the contact pads, and to melt the solder through controlled heating to achieve permanent bonding. Reflow ovens can be used , infrared heating lamps or heat guns and other heating methods for welding.

So what is wave soldering?

Wave soldering is to make the soldering surface of the plug-in board directly contact with high-temperature liquid tin to achieve the purpose of soldering. The high-temperature liquid tin maintains a slope, and a special device makes the liquid tin form a wave-like phenomenon, so it is called "wave soldering". The main material is solder bar.

Let us tell you the answer to the question: film capacitors can only pass wave soldering, not reflow soldering.

The temperature of film capacitor wave soldering peak can be 275°C, which is also the temperature of IEC standard, and the tin immersion time is 3S-5S. Others are preheating temperature and time. Film capacitors can withstand this temperature. Does not affect electrical characteristics.

Generally, when purchasing capacitors, manufacturers will provide product specifications, which will have specific requirements for the temperature and time of wave soldering of film capacitors. Operation according to the requirements will not harm film capacitors.

What is the difference between wave soldering and reflow soldering of electronic components?

Summarize for everyone in a simple sentence: reflow soldering is for soldering SMD components, and wave soldering is for pin components.

Film capacitors are all plug-in electronic components, so we must use wave soldering instead of reflow soldering.

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